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Our first published project
Written by the owner of Arcnaum - surfing the psychic internet is our first project.

SUrfing the psychic internet
is a mystical journey into the hidden dimensions that surround us all. It charts the explorations of a small group of psychics, through the eyes of Daz Smith to far off worlds through a dimensional portal. Throughout these travels we communicate with and meet Alien beings, Angels, Spiritual masters and a dark presence that stalks the traveller waiting for a time to strike.

More about this book

1. A deep secret; a mystery.

2. often arcana Specialized knowledge or detail that is mysterious to the average person.

3. A secret essence or remedy; an elixir.

As per the description - we publish books about the esoteric or more commonly known as the paranormal. From psychic encounters to witches, ghosts and ufos - if you have written a book that fits this description and need a publisher we would like to help.


Arcanum logo - the Ouroboros
The Ouroboros is any image of a snake, worm, serpent, or dragon biting its own tail.
It was first seen as early as 1600 years BC in Egypt. Generally taking on a circular form, the symbol is representative of many broad concepts. Time, life continuity, completion, the repetition of history, the self-sufficiency of nature and the rebirth of the earth can all be seen within the circular boundaries of the Ouroboros. Societies from throughout historyhave shaped the Ouroboros to fit their own beliefs and purposes.


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